Casualty Loss Consultants, Inc. will Remove the Stress

Our representation removes the stress, confusion and pressure your insurance company will place upon you after a major property loss. The doubt and question about whether or not your insurance company is on your side is removed from the equation. All communication and correspondence must be conducted through our office. You will be kept informed of the status and progress, however, the adjuster may no longer contact you directly without our consent.  You will also approve and agree to any settlements before they are accepted.

Upon our initial representation, we will secure a certified confirmed copy of your most recent policy and interpret coverage’s to provide all available compensation for your loss. This would include interjecting all past and current court interpretations of coverage’s, which may be contradictory to the language in your policy. The court interpretations overrule the policy definitions.

Present, Require, Negotiate, Follow

We will present the claim(s) to your insurance company with the correct legal documents and within contractual time constraints.

We will require the insurance company’s compliance of the Insurance Regulations in conjunction with claims presented.

We will negotiate any disputed issues of coverage or damage on your behalf.

We will follow your claim through the construction process of your property and replacement of your contents. Our file will not close until the last dollar is paid – no matter how long it may take.

Our experts that are necessary to substantiate your claims are local and always available to assist us in substantiating your claims. Their interest is solely on the insured, therefore, no issue of conflict of interest will arise.

A well-known New Mexico attorney made a very appropriate statement after a six year battle with a large popular insurance company. He said: ‘if you have a large property claim, you are embarking down a mined road. Without a mine detector, you will ultimately step on a mine.’ We are that mine detector. We are your claims professional and will represent your interest exclusively.

We will also prepare every aspect of your claim including, but not limited, to the following:

  • Temporary living expense:
    • (Hotel, Food, Rental Income, Rental Furnishing, Increased Utility Costs)
  • Estimate on Structure
  • Engineering
  • Code compliance determination
  • Cleaning of Contents (if appropriate)
  • Destroyed Contents inventoried
  • Estimates for Landscaping