“We honestly do know now what we would have done without them!”

After the fire we had several friends and family members advised us to call Jack Thomas with Casualty Loss Consultants. It was the single most import thing we did after the fire. Jack dealt with the insurance company completely. He was able to get us the full insurance amount due, which was considerably much more than the amount that the insurance company originally offered us. I would highly recommend anyone who finds themselves in this devastating situation to contact Casualty Loss Consultants.
- Kurt & Shelia M., Ethel, Washington

A house fire especially a total loss like ours, it is an overwhelming and difficult situation. For almost anyone it is uncharted territory with so much we don’t understand and that is why we are so incredibly thankful for Jack and his team. Thanks to their knowledge, experience and personal attention we received not only the full amount needed to rebuild our house, but over three times what the insurance would have paid us for our contents had we not had Jack on our side. Not only that but just dealing with our insurance company as well as advising us in many aspects of this ordeal that were completely unfamiliar to us along the way. We honestly do know now what we would have done without them!
- Phillip & Erin B., Auburn, Washington

Casualty Loss Consultants saved us the stress and heartbreak of inventorying the contents of our home of 17 years after the fire. They negotiated directly with our insurance company and adjuster in a manner that we could never have done. Their strong determination won us a very satisfactory settlement from the insurance company for both the structure and the contents. We highly recommend contracting with this consulting company.
- Bob & Cathy G., Kettle Falls, Washington

Jack and his team went the extra mile for us, so much that Jack stayed and worked with us until it was totally complete. If we hadn’t had Jack’s help, I don’t know what we would have done, because without it you are at a loss and a target for all insurance companies to take advantage of you. They want to get you paid off and not worry about the value of your life’s belongings. I would hope that you hire Jack to help you get through a life changing experience.
- Richard & Jeanette H., Olympia, Washington

You are amazing.  I thank you so very much.  Please stay healthy.  You are such a blessing to those in need and those who have been traumatized by loss.
- Paula O., Lacey, Washington

Declarations made by Professionals in the Insurance Industry

Jack Thomas has a well-earned reputation in the insurance industry and claims profession as a knowledgeable, hard-nosed adjuster and a fierce advocate.  They know he is relentless and will exhaust every available resource to get the recovery to which he thinks his clients are entitled under their insurance policy.  They know that if Casualty Loss Consultants is on the job, they will have to deal with Jack Thomas.      

President of a major insurance mediation company

Everyone knows that Casualty Loss Consultants means Jack Thomas, and that Jack Thomas is a tough and very competent public adjuster.  He is not worried about making friends with insurance adjusters because he has a job to do: to make sure his clients are sufficiently compensated for their loss.  Sometimes his straightforward advocacy upsets insurance company adjusters, but he is respected for his skill and experience.                            

Retired Vice President of  Washington State’s largest  insurance company