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Serving Western Washington, Casualty Loss Consultants

Will Get You the Maximum Amount Due Under Your Insurance Policy

Congratulations on Taking the First Step Toward Ensuring a Fair and Full Payment of Your Insurance Claim

Our site provides a variety of informative resources to help you understand how best to deal with a property claim. We have remained a local company for over 30 years for a number of specific reasons.  In order to achieve the most favorable results for our clients, we have built a strong local team.  As a result, our business does not require a high volume of claims or a fast turn over.  We have the experience, track record and assets to focus on what is most important to you right now – that is your claim!

As your experienced, dedicated Public Adjuster, we look forward to working on your behalf, just as we have for hundreds of other satisfied clients. If you have recently experienced a loss, please give us a call and we will walk you through the process personally.

During this time, keep in mind that the insurance adjuster or agent is here on behalf of the insurance company. Therefore, their interest and representation is with the insurance company.

What NOT to Do:

  • NEVER refuse initial demands from your insurance company.  Refusal may breach the cooperation clause of your policy.  This may give your insurance company cause to deny your entire claim.   However, if you question their demands, delay your response, this will give you time to seek professional advice.
  • Do not allow ANY demolition of your property.  What remains of your home or business and personal property is the evidence of your claim.
  • Do not sign ANY authorization for a contents cleaner brought to your property by the insurance adjuster.  Their authorization allows unspecific work and direct payment to the cleaner.  A work authorization is not a substitute for a legitimate contract.
  • Do not REFUSE mitigation demands or efforts by your insurance company.  Mitigation, however, should be limited to securing your property and preventing further damage.
  • Do not AGREE to onsite cleaning of your personal property.  Cleaned property left on site will become contaminated by the caustic chemicals remaing from the fire.

To quote from a published book:

“The essential function of a claim department is to fulfill the insurance company’s promise, as set forth in the insurance policy . . .  The claim function should ensure the prompt, fair, and efficient delivery of this promise.”

“Beginning in the 1990’s, many major insurance companies reconsidered this understanding of the claims process. The insight was simple. An insurance company’s greatest expenses is what it pays out in claims. If it pays out less in claims, it keeps more profits. Therefore, the claims department became a profit center rather than the place that kept the company’s promise.”

Jay M. Feinnman, Professor of Law at Rutgers University School of Law, Camden, New Jersey

The two most important factors necessary to achieve the maximum recovery:

  1. The time required to devote to each and every aspect of your claim
  2. Retain experts that are not controlled or influenced by the insurance industry to prepare and substantiate your claim.
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